President’s Welcome

Welcome from the President

Let’s Share the Spirit – A Revolutionary Idea

What a great turn-out we always have for holiday food events. It’s surprising how with little direction, we end up with a variety of great choices spanning from appetizers to desserts. The variety and comradery is what makes it! And they’re what makes a guild interesting and fun to be a part of.

We have all kinds of members out there from occasional to competitive, spanning art quilts, piecing, applique, and all things in between. Our new members and visitors also have a variety of interests and come from all the different locations our guild serves. Wouldn’t it be great if we could match up our new members with mentors to help them find their niche? This is an idea in its infancy, but I would like to do just that.

The guild will need your help – and it will be easy and fun! A checklist will be provided to help hit the high points. We need volunteers to be mentors! It shouldn’t take up much time, just a phone call leading into whatever you want to make of it — help with the badge, ride to meeting, going to neo natal workshops together. I’d love it if everyone would volunteer, because who knows where the next newbie will come from.

I’m really just getting started with this idea, but I’d like to start compiling a list of friendly “welcomers”, so please let me know if you’d be willing to help a fellow quilter out. The more the merrier. Just email me through the website Contact Us section. Enjoy your holiday and all the food and comradery that comes with it.

Dena McCutchen President